Voice Rest Friday

posted March 12, 2005

So yesterday I was cut off from my lifeline. I could not get online all day. argh. The most significant event of the day before was that I had enlisted the help of a babysitter in putting Amelia to bed. Dave was working and I could do most things, but not the bedtime story… Well, Amelia is accustomed to a “counting story.” This means that I tell her a story that ends with me counting. It used to be that I would count to 100. Now I have it down to 30 or 40. A story might be about Amelia and I camping in the Adirondacks in the summertime. We decide to lie out on the grass and count the stars. Then I count. Well, her sitter came downstairs after reading her a couple of books. Amelia had requested that I tell her a counting story in sign language. I went up to her room and lay down next to her. She instantly found my belly button and put her finger in it. Then she said, ” Mama, you’re my favorite person in the whole world.” I signed to her that I loved her. Then she said, “William is too little to tell a counting story and Daddy doesn’t like it when I put my finger in his belly button, but you can do both!” I was most honored. Then I tried to tell her a counting story in sign language. I really tried. Finally she said, ” Mama, I don’t understand what you are saying.”
gave up and kissed her goodnight. The sitter returned and Amelia fell asleep to her counting.

I have been a little cranky. I am looking forward to this silence thing being over. I get to talk again on Sunday.
Also I ready for winter to be over. I think I might be more hostile to the snow now that it made me crash. But, really. This is ridiculous. I just heard that Worcerster has had 99″ of snow so far this season. What is with that? I made the mistake of watching The Day After Tomorrow- is that the global warming movie?- during a particularly big storm this winter. Now I am scared that spring will never come to New England.

I miss singing. Even in all my crankiness I am quite hopeful. I truly believe that I will be able to sing in April. I sure hope so.

I will try to revel in the beauty of what I am sure will be our last big storm of the season.

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  1. I realize you’re not in much of a mood for silver linings right now. But it is cool that your loss of your literal voice has helped you find this voice. Hang in there!


  2. Katryna, as I sit here listening to you sing through my computer speakers (Jennifer Falling Down), I am confident with you that you will return to the world of speaking and singing very soon. Here’s hoping the silence and steroids have done their job…clearly, Amelia is anxious to have you back in full voice.

    I went to college at HC in Worcester…but 99″ is obscene! Here’s hoping March brings us from winter to spring soon. Take good care!


  3. you should come to Santa Rosa, Katryna. It was 80 degrees today. one of my friends was cranky because she wishes it would always rain but i was just annoyed that i chose to wear a long sleeved shirt. that was supremely stupid.

  4. I can vouch for the fact that Spring does indeed exist, and it is getting closer. I just got back from North Carolina, where in Chapel Hill the buds are popping and the peepers are starting to sing at night. This experience is helping me get through the snow that is yet again falling outside today.

    I’m sure you can’t wait for Sunday … but please don’t feel that you have to stop blogging once you can speak again! It’s been fun to read your updates (and I’m glad your little car incident was minor).

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