And Now…Pink Eye!!

posted April 17, 2009

Lila woke up with two watery oozing pink eyes. She was easily persuaded to go back to the doctor’s office because #1. I promised her no shots and #2. she knew she would get to write on the chalkboard and ride on the rocking horse. Now I have two children who need medicines on a daily basis. To help me remember who got his/her dose and when, I made some charts. I love me a chart.

Katryna came over and we went through a bunch of songs for Hoot 9. I forgot to ask for her help on the Pillow Face I am knitting for Lila’s 3rd birthday. Perhaps she would be so kind as to post a photo of the pillow face she made for her soon to be born niece.

Lila said today, “When I am a big girl Johnny’s going to drink my milk.” She loves Johnny. He is quite independent these days, crawling out of her grasp. She tried to catch him and make him cuddle with her in her “nest” which is her largest, softest blue blanket.

While Lila napped, I sat on the music room floor and did my taxes while Johnny crawled all over me and the papers, the guitar, the drums, etc. Most of all he loves pens.

Lila wore dry underpants all day long and at the end of the day sang all the words to the song from the potty video we’ve been watching for nigh on a year: “No more diapers for me/Gonna use the potty gonna give it a try/No more diapers for me/So come on, Mom, put the diapers away/I’m a big kid and I can say/No more diapers for me/So goodbye to diapers bye bye.”

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