Poem #1 For November 2019

posted November 2, 2019

I am not the one who works all the time
Ignores her kids
Checks her feed
Obsesses about the impeachment news
The purple state polls

I am not the one whose body bends at an angle
Imperceptibly, year by year
Towards the hand-held sun
A walking pencil compass, neck tucked down

I am not the one who curses Mark Zuckerberg for rigging the election
Checks her feed again
Thinks about joining new social media platforms

Accepts invitations to new social media platforms
Instead of accepting her daughter’s invitation to play cards
Her son’s invitation to listen about the Nats’ winning play 

I am not the one who pretends to listen
While really composing a grocery list
Trying to remember  if I’m today’s carpool driver

I am not the one who
Notices the falling leaves but doesn’t pick them up.

I am the one
Raking them up
Into a billowy pillow
Leaping into this
Celebration of death
Where the one I seek says
Where have you been
All this time?

For the month of November, I will be writing 30 Poems as part of this wonderful challenge to support Center for New Americans. If you want to support me, please go here.


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