Dolly for President

posted November 25, 2019

I pin my hopes daily on the polls, which is a terrible idea in all cases. There is no justice in the wind. There is no sense in the data, and anyway, Dolly Parton should be president. She’s the one everyone can agree on, ironically, because she refuses to talk politics, ever. What if we make that the rule for all candidates? Absolutely no politics. They would all be so much more popular. They would all climb in the polls. Everyone knows that taking a stand makes you hated by half the people. If either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump suggested we abolish the US Army, one third of the voters would say yes and one third would say no, just because for some, their guy can do no wrong. We pretend there is no cult of personality, but why not admit it and vote for Dolly? She would reign like a queen, above it all, not stooping to the fight, but urging us to love each other, always. She would bring together the Bible thumpers and drag queens, the abandoned and the abandoner, the city and the country.

This is a poem, all appearances to the contrary, and I have been writing a poem a day for the month of November to support the Center for New Americans. If you wish to donate to support my efforts, go here. All funds benefit the wonderful work of CNA.

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