#NieldsXVII Story Contest : Week 16

It’s impossible to believe it has been 16 weeks! This week’s question was about travel, and we’re pretty happy with the winner. It was a broad question and we got a wide open answer. Thanks to those who took part, and we’ll see you for our final question of this incredible 17-week run on Monday.

Week 16 Question: What’s the greatest benefit of traveling?

Travel breaks you out of your “home” mindset. If things are getting stale or you’re feeling exhausted, travel provides a distance from your regular routine that gives you perspective. It opens you up to new experiences and new ways of thinking about things.

If it’s a vacation, you’re recharged. But even if it’s a business trip you’re getting that new perspective that can only strengthen your understanding of things. It’s not just about getting away for me (although who doesn’t love to bobble in the surf on a beach somewhere?). It’s about how great things feel when you return home.


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