#NieldsXVII Story Contest : Week 6

posted March 13, 2015
In addition to some great answers to this week's question we received a few suggestions for the questions themselves. Thanks everyone for the input. Keep chatting us up. We're loving this! We'll be using one of your questions next week.

In addition to some great answers to this week’s question we received a few suggestions for the questions themselves. Thanks everyone for the input and taking part. Keep chatting us up. We’re loving this! We’ll be using one of your questions next week.

Week 6 Question: Did you/would you have a Nields song sung at your wedding? If so, which one, and why?

Sarah and I met at work and worked together off and on for 7 years before we became friends.  But a friendship was forming, and stories of former loves and friends who hurt us were spilling out. Then stories of our lives, loves, hopes and dreams followed.  And it quickly became clear that more was developing, but neither of us was stepping up to ask the other out.  

Finally an opportunity came about.  A Nields concert at Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia.  I had plans with old friends to attend, but we were all inviting other friends too.  So I extended an invitation to Sarah, and other mutual acquaintances (thus avoiding an uncomfortable asking out situation).  Only Sarah accepted.  Thank goodness. It was prior to our first date, but was clearly more than our usual work friendship.  

I knew many of the songs, and when some of them were played Sarah would whisper to tell me she had never seen such a big smile on my face.  And then a song was played that made Sarah’s smile shine so bright in the darkened space. She had never heard it before, and I had never heard it in the same way I did that night.  

For that reason, and for so many more we had a reading of ‘Easy People’ as part of our wedding ceremony.   Some of the lyrics that connected us from that first night at Jammin Java rang true every day of our relationship, so ‘Easy People’ was also played at the reception/dinner.  

“For you I would give the songs I write, the words I pray, the morning light that pumps into this room today, if you would only rise, if you would only say ‘I want you, you take up all of my time, I want you because you’re funny and kind. And we’ll be easy from now on”

And these few years later, they continue to ring true on a daily basis.  “We’ll be easy from now on” even in the difficult times.


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