Update on Felted Pick Necklaces

posted June 15, 2009

Here is the ongoing evolution of the felted pick necklaces which are sure to make us RICH!

I still need to knit a cord for this. And then I have to take a giant leap of faith to see if it’s true that if you cut into felt, your stitches won’t come apart, for this needs a button.

I am making projects from this great book. Here is what I hope will be Elle’s school lunch bag. I still need to knit the strap (my first I-chord!) and felt the bag. I can’t find any #11 needles so I am going to use #10s and hope for the best. Also, I am going to try to find some waterproof fabric and line the inside. (If you look at the above picture sideways, you can see what the finished bag should look like: it’s the middle picture on the book’s cover.)

Jay loves his pillowface cat so much. When I give it to him he leans back and then hurls himself forward onto it, howling with delight.

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  1. Hi Nerissa,

    Is the yarn that you are using a felt type yarn? Because in the photos, it looks like regular yarn.
    I’d be leery of cutting it too.

    Your projects look great!


  2. The yarn in the top pic. is felted yarn. The yarns for the lunch bag and pillowface are regular yarn that’s not felted. However, my limited understanding of the whole felting shebang is that you need to be working with 100% wool yarn in order for the project to felt. First you knit, then once the project is completed, or mostly completed, you felt by exposing the garment to alternating hot and cold SUDSY water.

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