Fall Equinox, COVID, and My Broken Suitcase

In which I discuss my big feelings.


Falcon Ridge and the Return of Hope

Have you ever had just one good day, the kind of day when you might even be foolish enough to hope for a brighter future than the one from which…


Revision and Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

Little Women Blog Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019) is a master lesson on the art of revision and narrative structure. As I watched it for the second (or maybe third) time, I…


Parenting/The Full Catastrophe


At the pediatrician’s, I’m trying to count the fish swimming in the aquarium. I think there are eight. There are a lot of impediments to counting, including a plastic statue…

Writing Process

Let Go. Return.

From the poet Josephine Johnson: This is the need, the deep necessity of every life; To scatter wide seed in many fields,But build one barn. This is our blunder, to…


Perfectionism, Novels, Songs and The Great British Bake-Off

Stacey from Hertfordshire is desperate to be crowned star baker, which is why she is sitting on the floor in front of her oven holding its door shut with her…



Anam Cara

I fell in love with running writing groups eighteen years ago because of a man named Michael Biegner, and if it weren’t for his brilliance, humor, warmth and friendship, I…


We Made It.

I woke this morning with plans. I would read a chapter two of Six Walks in the Fictional Woods, work on chapter three of my new novel, re-read The Big…



To Make Amends

I am looking for maps on GoogleTo show me the peoples my peoplesDisplaced. Finding their namesHearing their voices in the PennacookThe Pocumtuck the Mohawk But where do I even start?My…