SuperWhy Super Wyatt

posted March 24, 2009

Nerissa is occupied with non sleeping son Johnny. So this is from Katryna:

At our show in New York we were given some cool SuperWhy swag by the Breens. Their son is a creator of the terrific PBS kids show which teaches kids to read. William and Amelia were so thrilled. William took the CD up to his room and played Ukulele along to it dancing like he was listening to his rock’n’roll. This morning, inspired by the SuperWhy stickers and Nerissa’s Almost Flat Lila™, we made Almost Flat Super Wyatt. Here he is. There are 4 characters in this show. Now William wants the rest of them… Lots of important work to do!

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1.     Write the shitty first draft
2.     Read it and make less shitty
3.     Send it to Kind & Wise Mentory Editor Who Has Read James Joyce
4.     Laugh and cry as you read her Kind & Wise suggestions; take 99% of them. Redraft.
5.     Send new draft to 28-Year-Old Editor Who Doesn’t Remember President Nixon But Is Much Smarter Than I
6.     Enjoy life with no novel to think about and write songs and poems while 28 y-o reads and edits draft.
7.     Receive edits from 28-y-o and cry for a month. Decide you are not a novelist. Pick yourself up off the carpet and have a Zoom call with her in which she tells you she had a very hard time editing your novel because it was practically perfect.
8.     Wonder if you are crazy.
9.     Take 69% of her suggestions and finish the draft.
10.  Write a synopsis which is harder than writing the novel
11.  Write the query letter which is harder than writing the synopsis
12.  Make a list of agents you’d love to work with by finding names in the acknowledgements pages of your favorite novels. Cross off the dead ones.

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