Poem #12-Come Gather Round (Really it’s a song, see video)

posted November 14, 2018

Woke up this morning with my mind already gone
Nothing but bad news on the table
It seems so important to have hope in these times
But I’m unable, I’m unable (where does it come from?)

I turn on the iphone
And I scroll through my feed
Everyone’s looking for connection
I’m looking for something to get me out of my mind
But my mind’s gone, remember that? (This won’t cure your disaffection.)

I’m so human, I’m so doomed
We don’t see the obvious
And so we need a steady sound:
Come gather ‘round.

Here’s to the writers who know there’s work to be done
This is a struggle for the story
I say, all you poets, this is your time, your time, your time to speak
Say it clear, say it crooked, make it allegory

Here’s to the women who put some skin in the game
Telling the truth, running for office
And so we will stand with our sisters and take down, take down take down the bosses
We can recreate the world (Now’s not the time to be cautious.)

We need all of us to thrive
We believe the opposite
And so we need a steady sound
Come gather ‘round.

Here’s to our elders who have been here before
What can we learn from the struggle they shouldered?
The arc of justice is long, but it’s bending our way
Don’t get tired. Don’t be alone, don’t be alone, don’t be afraid.

We can’t do this on our own
We need hands to hold us up
And so we’ll be that steady sound
Come gather round.

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