iPhone Resistance Resisted!

posted April 15, 2009

Today, Lila squeezed Johnny’s cheeks gently between her hands and cooed, “Ooooo, Johnny! You are the most beautiful most stinky baby in the whole world!”

Johnny is much much better. He stood up in his crib for the first time ever and was on nap strike all day long, I guess to make up for the fact that he spent most of the last week asleep. I am beyond grateful. I have everything I need.

I mean, I really have everything I need. Especially because I dealt with the stress with a little of what Anne Lamott calls “retail therapy”: I caved in and bought an iPhone. I know I’m supposed to be all spiritual and anti-materialistic and all, but OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS THING! And it does inspire creativity, and yes, I think it’s a tool for art. Its wallpaper is a photo it took of Lila, Johnny and George Harrison, all cuddled together on the kitchen floor.

Yesterday I wrote two songs. One is a four-part gardening song for HooteNanny and the other is a co-write with Katryna. Today I bought a tripod so I can videotape us singing and being goofballs together so we can post on YouTube.

My little music corner is a huge success! Lila practically lives there and is experimenting with all the different household items which can be used as mallets, and likewise all the different household items which can be used as drums. Mostly we are OK with it.

Lila is very excited about wearing big girl underpants. I spent $8.50 on one pair of organic sustainably created wholistic locally sold girls underpants and $6.50 on a six-pack of Hanes. I say to her, “Oh, I hope today you pee and poop in your diaper, because if you use the potty, I’m going to have to give you M&M’s and you had SO much Easter candy! So please use your diaper today.” She then runs straight for the bathroom.

I managed to hear half a podcast of This American Life: the episode was called The Giant Pool of Money and I now almost understand the housing bubble/crisis. Thanks to my sisters for alerting me to this wonderful way of getting taught complicated information! Here’s the link.

Lila insisted on coming with me on my run today, so I popped her into the jogging stroller and together we took in the sunshine and the flowers and the dogs we passed in the park. She fell asleep halfway through. I generally don’t use the stroller for running–just for walking–but it was pleasantly surprising having a small companion along for what is usually a solitary event.

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