God is Tired

posted November 27, 2019

It takes courage to
Read the newspapers. Each month
More bad news about

Our failure to quit
Fossil fuels and buying cheap
Stuff that will end up

On a barge at sea
Poisoning the oceans or
Filling up landfills.

Today it occurred
To me that the leadership
We most need is what

We have. Ignorant
Denial plus exhaustion
Equals a faster 

Extinction of the
Real problem. God is tired.
Get this over with.

This poem came from a prompt suggesting we write in Haiku form using the words Courage, Leadership, Failure, Exhaustion. Apologies for the dystopia and bleak turn. I have been writing a poem a day for the month of November to support the Center for New Americans. If you wish to donate to support my efforts, go here. All funds benefit the wonderful work of CNA.

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