FAWM #4: I Just Want to Spend the Day with You

posted February 24, 2010

Wrote this on the plane coming home from Florida after we spent a lovely couple of days there with my parents. This song is supposed to be from the POV of grandparents. I recorded the video in the dressing room of the Me& Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead MA. Guitar is c/o Seth Glier. I’d done the thing I’ve joked I’d do since giving birth to my first child: I remembered the breast pump and forgot the guitar.
Each verse is supposed to begin with “Bow Bow Bow” which is Jay’s favorite part of the song, but I forgot to do that in the video.

Bow bow bow We go to the beach
Where the tide is red
Sandwiches to eat
We eat sand instead
I don’t care at all
Red tide can’t make me blue
I just want to spend the day with you

We go to the zoo
On a rainy day
See a kinkajoo
The tiger is hiding away
I don’t care at all
If the monkeys are hiding too
I just want to spend the day with you.

It’s not like everyday we get together
Talking on the phone or getting a letter
Is really great, but holding you is better
So who cares about a little thing like the weather?

We go to the park
Ride the Merry go round
Storm clouds make it dark
Too soon we’re homeward bound
I don’t care at all
No matter what we do
I just want to spend the day with you.

We go to the museum
To see the lilies by Monet
But no one’s there to see ‘em
We came on a quiet Monday
I don’t care at all
It the TV is all we view
I just want to spend the day with you.

Nerissa Nields
Feb. 17, 2010

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