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  1. gosh, this makes me realize how very much i cannot wait for Feb 5!

    it has been much too long to wait for my favorite dancing sisters… so, thanks for booking the show, we have missed your nearly- annual attendance in our wonderful city!

    so yeah, i think you might have spoiled us in years past. because i really feel “robbed” when i don’t get at least one nields night per year.

    robert(st. louis)

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My poem came from Sarah Sullivan’s prompt to “copy” the poem “Small Talk” by Kirsten Shu-yin Chen. As listeners to my band The Nields know, I am a big fan of borrowing/stealing the forms and tropes of others to make something new of my own.

By the way, I have been using that Pilates bar regularly, and to give credit where it’s due, I’ll say that I got it from a company called “Stretched Fusion.” They did not pay me to say this. And if they offered me big bucks for endorsing them, I would take the money and run.

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