Day 32: Good Things About Not-Spring

posted April 18, 2018

Well, this is exciting! Roofers are swarming Little Blue, putting sheets of metal in neat rows. The second coat of paint is on the cupola, and the rest of the siding is stacked on the screened porch. Last week, they blew insulation into the walls. Below is a shot of the corner where I will sit to run retreats and workshops.

That’s our contractor, John Sackrey. He is awesome.

Not so awesome is the insulation truck that destroyed our fence. Now Hudson is stuck in his little pen, which makes him barky.

I have stayed off Facebook for the most part. I am so angry about its role in the 2016 election, its bald-faced using of its consumers as “product,” its ongoing shenanigans to control certain posts, and the way it constantly changes its algorithm. Can’t we all go somewhere else? Because the problem is, it’s also a fantastic way to keep up with my old friends. And to crowd-source helpful information. I mostly use it to get advice about technical issues, movies, books, parenting, and yes, to find out about current events. What if we all staged a coup of LinkedIn and made it more fun and photo-y?

Optimist’s List of Good Things About This Non-Spring

  1. Get to keep wearing boots and sweaters
  2. Get to keep snuggling under heavy blankets
  3. Really appreciate the sound of birdsong
  4. Maybe the flowers will come slowly and stay longer
  5. Who needs leaves and flowers, anyway?
  6. Because nothing is growing, I can see the rabbits chasing each other around my neighbors’ yard


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