Small Queen of the Earth

posted June 29, 2009

Queen Of The Earth, Child Of The Stars
by Leela Grace
On the night that you were born, I looked out the window to the sky
And the brilliant stars sang to me as you uttered your first cry
I looked down into your face and saw stars shining in your eyes
My small queen of the earth, child of the stars
I held you in my arms and sang you to sleep
And your face shone so bright, I could not but with joy weep
I knew with every passing hour my love for you would grow more deep
My small queen of the earth, child of the stars
As you opened your wide eyes and held my gaze with your own
I could see, with aching joy, you dancing from me when you’re grown
But wherever you go, my darling, know you’ll never be alone
My small queen of the earth, child of the stars
Leela: lead vocal, banjo
Ellie: harmony vocals
(© 1998 Leela Grace, BMI)

To hear this amazing song, click here. I was so happy and amazed to find Village Harmony paying our church a visit last Sunday, and when they performed this song, I was rendered a weeping mess for the rest of the service.

Thank you, Grace sisters.

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  1. Thank you for posting my song — I’m honored! I also didn’t know that Village Harmony was performing an arrangement of the song — how wonderful!

    — Leela

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