Quickie for Thanksgiving and a cartoon

posted November 25, 2009

In what might be my favorite parental comeuppance ever:
Elle (whose real name is Lila) picked out a get well card for her grandmother who had surgery on Monday.
Yesterday, I said, “Do you want to write something on the card for Mimi?”
She did. So, knowing she can’t write, I said, “Do you want to try to draw an ‘L’?”
She drew a straight line down.
Pressing my luck, I said, “How about an ‘O’?”
She drew an “O.”
I said, “I’ll do the ‘V’ and the ‘E’.” Then I said, “Now here, draw another ‘L’…”
She proceeded to write an “L,” an “i” complete with a dot, another “L” and then said, for the “A,” “You draw a roof here, and a roof here, and then you put a cross between them.” Her ‘A’ resembles a crooked ‘H’, but the combined effect totally looks like LILA on the page. I freaked out, in my overenthusiastic way.
“Oh my GOD! LILA! You wrote your name! You wrote your name all by yourself! I am so so so proud of you!” and I grabbed her in a bear hug.
She immediately wriggled away, protesting, “NO, Mama, NO! Don’t talk to me like that! Don’t hug me like that! You are NOT proud of me! You are proud of YOU!”

Wow. She was right. (And I am proud of her.)

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  1. Hahaha! She cracks me up. I also love the cameo appearance by Kitty in the cartoon. Give her another one of those huge hugs (J too) and tell her it’s from me–maybe she’ll accept it (and maybe not).

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