Michael Biegner Big Yellow Scholarship Fund




Writing support can be expensive. Most writers are not CEOs. If you want to give a little towards the Michael Biegner Big Yellow Scholarship Fund, you will be helping another writer get to a workshop or retreat. Any amount is welcome, and thank you!

Michael Biegner

Michael Biegner was a poet, husband, father, spiritual seeker, cancer warrior, hiker, biker, champion of others, lover of words and images, creator and enjoyer of food, and many other things. He was also a member of the very first Writing It Up in the Garden workshop and one of its most faithful and generous participants. An anam cara, to use the John O’Donohue term for Soul Friend (John O’Donohue is just one of many poets Michael introduced into my literary canon) to me and many many other writers. The red bud tree behind Little Blue is dedicated to his memory.


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