#NieldsXVII Story Contest : Week 8

posted March 27, 2015

The number of responses this week was huge! We took a walk down memory lane with a few near-forgotten favorites and were super pleased to see that the freshest pressed cuts off XVII made the list too. This week’s winner got the ball rolling for Week 1, so we’re brainstorming for something to send her way other than a download. In the meantime, here’s her awesome answer.

Thanks so much to everyone that took part this week! See you again on Monday.

Week 8’s Question: What is your favorite Nields lyric–the one you would use as an email signature or post on your mirror as a reminder?

“The mind beats like the tides in a lake that thinks it’s the sea
But only storms create conditions for epiphany
October gardens rusty, ragged, overgrown
The child won’t be consoled and you
Don’t want to be alone.”

My life is lived at the mercy of the seasons, measured by where we are, and where we’re heading.  As the gardens turn to sticks and the last of the tomatoes rot on the vine, my entire body vibrates with the feeling that it is all too much.  Every plea for my time, no matter how small, seems like the one that will wind me until I break.

But with that tension building between my shoulder blades, comes the inevitable release.  And I know that release is what will propel me into spring.  It will leave me with a gratitude that feeds creativity, and makes Pinterest jealous.

These lyrics from Back at the Fruit Tree speak to this part of my life so directly, so powerfully; they seem to be saying that they understand, that they will serve as a testament to the power of the journey around the sun, but also as a reminder that we will come back around, and be all the better for it.


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