#NieldsXVII Story Contest : Week 3

posted February 20, 2015

The only thing we can say about the answers to this week’s question is, “Wow.” We’re learning a lot about our fans that we never could have anticipated. The stories this week were personal, generous, and in many cases (we’re going to say it): DEEP. We couldn’t pick just one. Luckily we have a new team member, Matthew, who acts as our tie-breaker.

We cannot thank you guys enough for sharing your stories. Know, that even if your story isn’t the week’s pick, we’ve both read them, multiple times, and they continue to convince us we have the best fans in the world.

So without further gushing…

Week 3 Question: Which Nields song could have been your life?

I am not stupid.
I went to Harvard.
However, on July 3rd 2007 at around 10:30am I began experiencing a persistent back pain.
I was a mother by noon.
I delivered the baby all by myself in my posh Atlanta apartment before I called 911. The last clear thought that I remember having was “thank God it’s a girl”. We were taken to Fulton County Hospital in separate ambulances.
I kept thinking about how I just drank through an entire pregnancy and had no business caring for a child, especially one who would probably have special needs.
I kept thinking I cannot possibly keep her.
After I was settled into a hospital room, I had to start figuring out what to tell people.
I decided to tell my sister Alice first. She was at work and I couldn’t reach her right away. When she finally called me back, she offered to tell my parents. I was so grateful. She was also very straightforward about giving the baby up. She said “don’t do it, just come home.”
They brought me the baby who they estimated to be 8 weeks early. The baby was flawless except for her tiny size and underdeveloped ears. No signs of FAS.
I spent the 4th of July in a Hospital bed, listening to fireworks and halfheartedly attempting to breastfeed. Some of my friends passed through for a few minutes, but instead of the usual happiness that comes with a birth, they were just weird and distant.
On the 3rd day my mom arrived from western New York to pick us up.
I left my car, my belongings, my apartment, my job at the IRS and my pet guinea pigs and went back to New York.
I named her Gloria Georgia after “Merry Christmas Mr. Jones” and to a lesser extent “The Day I Let Glory Steer”
Epilogue: I have an IT job in western New York. Gloria is in second grade, she gets exceptional grades especially in math and reading, she is a Girl Scout and a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.


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