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posted December 3, 2009

Katryna says we need to listen to some new music to get inspired for our recording (starting tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 4!!!!) the way Aimee Mann listened to The Zombies for Whatever (one of our all time faves.) So to that end, I bought The White Stripes Elephant and the Decemberists’ Picaresque. I like both so far, but especially the latter band. What a drummer! I might have to buy more of their CDs. One of my writers suggested both bands recently (thanks, Melissa!) and another asked me to figure out the chords for “Eli the Barrow Boy” in 2004 or something. I should’ve gotten wise back then.

Please send me suggestions of artists and bands I might like! I am looking for good lyrics, rich acoustic sounds, post 2000.

This new song has nothing to do with these new sounds. It’s just something I wrote for my kids.

Fear The Gap
Every evening about 6 o’clock
I fit the puzzle pieces, I organize the blocks
I put all the books back on the shelf
I lie down with you and we say:
All will be well, all will be well, all will be well

Some would say that it’s all about the seasons
There are times for amusement and teasing out the reasons
There are times when the fields
Are refusing to yield
And you feel like there’s no one to blame
There’s no one who feels the same
You fear the gap
You fear the gap
You fear the gap
You fear the gap

Every morning about 6 o’clock
You run down the hallway and I pick you up
You curl up and say, “What are we doing today?”
You seem like you’ve grown up overnight.
I fear the gap
I fear the gap
I fear the gap
I fear the gap

And one day I’ll be convinced it’s true
I’m alone with me, and you’re alone with you.

Every day at some point, I refuse to look
I get my hands busy, stick my face in a book
There’s somebody out there I don’t want to see
Someone needs my help, but there is not enough for me
I fortify excuses I toss them in the fire
I think of all the good I’ll do the day after I retire
And so it’s up to me to do it all
And instead of omnipotence
I feel so small.
I feel the gap x 4
Don’t fear the gap x 8

Nerissa Nields
Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2009

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  1. Very nice song! As for new music, I recommend the British singer-songwriter Amy Studt. She’s kind of rock, kind of pop. Also, check out Ennis, fronted by sisters Maureen and Karen Ennis from Newfoundland. Maureen, the older sister, plays guitar and writes most of the songs, which are a variety of genres including folk, pop, country, and celtic. If it weren’t for the celtic thing, we could call them the Canadian Nields! 🙂 They just released a new CD “Lessons Learned” which features a bunch of originals by Maureen and a cover of the Indigo Girls’ “Last Tears.”

  2. Hm. Some newish bands I’ve been enjoying lately are The Weepies, which may be the only one that meets your criteria, School of Seven Bells (might be too electronic but wow can those sisters sing – check out Half Asleep on YouTube), and Perpetuum Jazzile (can’t get more acoustic than a cappella, I guess, but they mostly cover other stuff).

  3. Excited about the recording of a new album starting today!!!Yay!!!

    I read someone mentioning The Weepies, haven’t heard a lot of their stuff, but really love the song “All That I Want”. I think Andrew Bird is pretty great to listen to and watch, along with his numerous instruments. St.Vincent’s new album is pretty great, I saw a cover of her doing “These Days” by Nico online earlier,loved it. Also, The Innocence Mission’s “We Walked In Song”, just like all their other stuff(their lullabies album for children is great..just incase you haven’t heard it)…A couple weeks ago, I came upon these Vashti Bunyan interviews. Not sure if you listen to her or not, but if you do, then there are a couple of these interviews about her music which was a nice surprise.

  4. Dearest Nerissa,

    Whenever I am about to jump into the unknown of new sessions, I too like to binge on artists.

    Marianne Faithfull is always a rock for me and her newest “Easy Come, Easy Go” is well worth checking out. I also got a lot out of Ramblin’ Jack’s last (most recent) cover album “A Stranger Here”.

    I agree that you should also get yourself a copy of another Decemberists album (and quickly, dear). “The Crane Wife” will do just fine (or more than fine) for a next step.

    As always: good luck and break a string (my loved ones always say this to me). Take it easy and let the new songs become what they are asking to become…

    I am loving them so far,
    Robert Collins
    (St. Louis)

    • Robert Collins! Please, please, please contact me. I have been in search for contact info for you for a couple of weeks and this is the only place I could find you. We are putting together an open mic reunion show for spring with a bunch of our favorite musicians we’ve played with and hope you will play! My apologies to the author of this page for not staying on topic but this is a great find for me. Hopefully Robert Collins will get back to me. Adam ‘Butcher’ Buchter of Helliphino. Seven One Five Two Zero Five Nine Four Eight Seven.

  5. I like this song a lot. 🙂

    I’m a little late with music recommendations, but I’ll toss a couple in.

    Amy Millan – Masters of the Burial

    And I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my friends’ band, The Sarah Mac Band. In fact, their latest single has a bit of a Nieldsy feel to it in a way. 🙂

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