Last Kisses, 2020

posted November 3, 2020

These are re-written lyrics to the 1998 Nields song “Last Kisses.” David Nields, who wrote the song, has given me permission to revision this for 2020. My poem #2. We sang this last night as part of our weekly Nields Monday Night Live show.

You drive the news, we are confused
We can’t believe that this is real
You make up lies, there’s no surprise
There is no art within this deal
Except in how you have designed
A means to colonize our minds
The gaslight’s on, nothing’s wrong,
Nothing matters but your ratings.


These are my last kisses.

You took my peace, took my friends
Took our holidays away
You rant and rave
You taunt the brave
You say jump, they say how high?
And I know Election Day
You will do everything to stay
But we shrug and we say
We’re gonna hit the polls anyway.


These are my last kisses.

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