Purple Cat

posted April 2, 2009

Thanks to Amanda Soule, I got the idea to make Lila a sewing card. My ulterior motive was to buy myself some knitting time, but that didn’t work. Also, Lila was very interested in the making of the cat, but not so much in the finished product. After I took this picture, she crayoned over its face. That’s OK. Tomorrow I promised her we’d make a lion.

I ripped off the image of the cat from the wonderful “Cleo” books.

Also, I am happy to report that George Harrison is more than earning his keep. Tom takes George to work with him every day, to a residential program for kids with mental health issues. Tom came home today and said, “When I came into the office, there were two messages for George and none for me.” Kids are requesting George (who is, after all, a therapy dog) to come hang out with them. I am sure he is helping to quiet nervous systems; he’s done that already for me.

Here’s a photo Lila took of George Harrison.

And finally, a lovely subtle sign of spring: Tom’s winter garlic coming up!

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