Writing It Up in the Garden Summer Camp

posted July 22, 2014

Words can’t really begin to express how much I loved the Writing It Up in the Garden Summer Camp experience. I am homesick for it already, even though I am still in the same home the retreatants gathered in. It was so much fun to gather daily, to keep my house clean (with the help of Liz Bedell and my wonderful new intern Kailey Carambia), to try out fresh summer recipes, to walk the labyrinth in the morning, to take a vigorous post-lunch power walk with the other writers in the park across the street, to hear the new work, to immerse myself in my own writing. I can’t wait for next summer.
Here is something offered by poet KC Ryan on the last afternoon we were together. I wish you could have seen her as she performed this for us, approaching each of her compadres with a verse, like a gift. Thank you, KC!

A Hip-Hop Poem from an Unlikely Source
crack the day open
writing up some hope when
curled up spirit
needs the Feast you’re offerin’
Write It Up In The Garden!

writing up Sweeney
tortured though he may be
thoughtful chronicle
offers back his dignity

Write It Up In The Garden!
writing dissertation
too much information!
glad you shared Morocco
we’ll await your publication

Write It Up In The Garden!
two on Death’s row
write him in her bed, yo!
wanna hear the rest of
how they’re gonna let go

Write It Up In The Garden!
break up, break down
draggin’ wounded Heart around
writing up the pain helps
point the way to solid ground
Write It Up In The Garden!

takin’ on Cancer!
questioning the “answers”
writing bittersweet show
free to take the chance here
Write It Up In The Garden!

unmoored un-poem
searching for your True Home
brought it to The Garden
anchored by the writers’ bond

Write It Up In The Garden!

singer’s voice, writer’s voice
supporting us in this choice
gentle shove to “Write It Up!”
and a Place to rejoice

Write It Up In The Garden!

you were only fifteen
had to run away from Mean
writing wit and wisdom
a glimpse into the L.A. scene

Write It Up In The Garden!

gotta get it just right
might crash, might fly!
wrote it up and took us with
two as one, finding Sky

Write It Up In The Garden!

princess, warrior!
wrote so that we Saw ya
saved your own pierced heart
brighter future lies before ya

Write It Up In The Garden!

feelin’ terror walkin’ toward ya
what if my writing bored ya?
hid behind a pseudonym –
my real name’s Victorya!

Write It Up In The Garden!
Write It Up In The Garden!
Write It Up In The Garden!

written July 10 & 11, 2014
in celebration of an indescribably delicious week of Writing It Up In The Garden
by KC Ryan a/k/a Victorya McEvoy

Writing on the porch!

This is me with two of my oldest friends, Liz Bedell and Jennie DeGarmo Wilhelm, both of whom attended and wrote beautifully. So grateful for friends, especially those who have seen us through thick and thin.

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