Kali Retreat

posted October 2, 2019
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River Roads

Here’s the strange thing about me: I can completely forget I’m a musician until I arrive at the gig. It’s as though that part of me is a set of clothes for another season, kept in a moth-proof box in the attic, out of mind until the weather changes.


This morning the sky was striped, horizontally, gray and blue outside our new windows overlooking the back yard. I held a sleepy Jay, still nursing at 3, and balanced the…

Finding God

It used to be The way to GodWas up a treeFeeling the bark againstNew palmsHoisting torsoOver limbsSpread eagleAt the topSwaying in the breezeNearer to Thee. Now I find YouAs I…


If prayer would do it, I’d prayIf reading esteemed thinkers would do it, I’d be halfway through the Patriarchs.If discourse would do it, I’d be sitting with His Holiness every…