Summer Revision Retreat, in person and on Zoom


Friday July 8-Sunday July 9, 2022

Join Nerissa for a weekend retreat focused on revision. Participants will have a full weekend to focus on their writing, pausing for optional craft discussions and exercises.


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July 8-10, 2022

Join Nerissa for a weekend Immersion Retreat focused on revising your writing. Participants will have all weekend to focus on their projects, pausing for optional craft discussions and exercises.

Here are the details:
Friday: 6-9pm
Saturday: 9-6pm with a break for lunch
Sunday: 9-3pm
all times EDT
In-Person AND Zoom!
Writing is Revision–this is gospel for all writers. We write a first draft to tell ourselves the story. We make it into art through thoughtful revision. But how? Join Nerissa for a weekend full of strategies, exercises, feedback and––best of all––time to write. We’ll ask ourselves the all-important questions central to every creative act: what is the story about? What am I trying to say? How can I say it more effectively?
You will:
-learn how to keep backstory from bogging down your plot.
– learn a barrelful of tricks to painlessly cut words. (What’s the single most reason “unknown” writers don’t get their work published? Word count.)
-turn clunky cringe scenes into your favorite passages yet.
Once you’ve signed up, you will receive the Zoom link. I will also send you the Immersion Questionnaire to get you thinking about your project, even if you’re just at the beginning stages. This tool will be for your own use, though you can certainly share it with me. What is your premise? What is motivating you to write? Who are you writing to? Which aspects need further developing, and which are just fine as they are, thank you very much? As you think about these questions, you’ll begin to get a sense of where to focus your attention for our day together.
The retreat will include brief craft talks and exercises, sharing of work and swaths of time to just write. We will gather several times in the day for discussion and fellowship. If you are not able to attend the full weekend, you may pay a pro-rated fee per day.


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