More Than Enough

posted December 1, 2009

More Than Enough
Happily ever after
Nail it all to the floor
Take the photo now and frame it
I don’t want anything more
I get that it’s not about houses and cars,
The right clothes and all of that stuff
It’s about you and me and the love that we make
And that’s so much more than enough
That’s so much more than enough.

What are we having for dinner?
What do you mean that you’re bored?
What do you mean you’re going out with your friends?
I thought it was me you adored?
I get that it’s not about Yoko and John
And reinforcing all of the binding
It is my mission to protect your solitude
But sometimes I might need reminding
Sometimes I might need reminding.

Follow that crazy gingerbread trail
Follow that constant North Star
See what is calling you deep from yourself
To see who you really are
I get that it’s not about fortune and fame
And my fifteen eons of bluff
It’s about finding flow so wherever we go
We are fully engaged in our stuff
And that’s so much more than enough.

Twenty three hours of labor
Nine months of wondering who
Suddenly something is shifting
Suddenly someone is you.
Smitten for keeps on arrival
New God with a head full of fluff
And all that you have is to want what you have
And that’s so much more than enough.
That’s so much more than enough.

Happily ever after, two kids crawling on the floor
All of our cups are overflowing
Somebody still wants to pour
I get that it’s not about comfort and ease
But uniting when the going gets rough
And to spread it around, to our world, to our town
That’s how you get more than enough
I’ll always have more than enough
We’ll always have more than enough.
Nerissa Nields
© Peter Quince Publishing All Rights Reserved

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  1. Fun to see you in your natural habitat singing on the floor near the bed. Thanks for posting the video and sharing the song. Lots to like–my fave part is the newborn stanza “suddenly someone is you.” I really enjoy your lyrics, Nerissa…and already this tune has imprinted and is following me around with a quiet insistence. Will you record this one, or will Katryna sing the lead?


  2. Beyond my excitement to hear any new song, particularly one with such uplifting lyrics, is the title theme. In Judaism, one song that everyone loves is Dayenu (Die-A-new) which means “it would have been enough.”

  3. ok. I really really love this song. I can’t wait to learn it. I love the line about the cups overflowing and some still needs to pour. Conjures up both the great stuff and hard stuff that fills up our lives all the time.
    Love it. Thanks for writing it.

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