A Sermon for White America: Dyson

After Saturday, I felt happier than I have felt since, oh, about Columbus Day Weekend–– and I didn’t even march.  But I felt like I did. Tom and the kids went…


Chasing Down a Trump Voter

Puppies and guitars–that’s my solution. Yesterday, I met my husband and our friend Tony on the corner of Crafts and Main. It was 2pm, and I had Hudson in my…


Writing Process

A Puppy is the Solution to Pretty Much Everything

Somehow, getting this new puppy has lifted my depression and made me optimistic about the future. I can’t tell if this is just delusion, or a real lifting of the…


Our Silver Lining Puppy

Thanks to my last post, we found our puppy, 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Friends saw what I’d written and suggested I contact a breeder of something called Australian Labradoodles,…


Stella’s Happy Ending

My seven year old has lost exactly half of his four front teeth–just the ones, curiously, on the right side of his face. He is the kind of kid who hangs on to teeth, while his sister…


This Dog Needs Her Family

And unfortunately, that family can’t be us. Stella, our 20 lb 4 year old Dixie dog has been living with us a year now, and while she is 99.9% fantastic,…