#NieldsXVII Story Contest : Week 7

posted March 20, 2015

Not even the tie-breaker could make a call this week. So we gave it to our two favorites. See you again on Monday and as always thank you everyone who took part.

Week 7’s Question: If you could only listen to one Nields song for the rest of your life (you’d have other music, but only one Nields song), which one would it be and why?

I’ve been thinking about this all week, and I think I would choose “Paris.” First off, a song about longing, desire, and heartbreak set in the city of love? That’s going to be hard to beat.

But aside from that, “Paris” is one of my favorite songs because I love how it captures turning to an intimate friend to share something, even though that relationship is in jeopardy or perhaps even ended. Even if a relationship is not in foundering, there are times when one has to be apart from one’s beloved–illness, travel for work, obligations to extended family–but the wish to reach out, to connect, to that primary person remain. You can get so close to someone that wanting to tell him or her something becomes an instinctive reflex.

I don’t really know of another song that captures that feeling, and so that is why I would choose “Paris.”


“Let me love your children as my own…”

My song (which was given to me by my goddaughter) is Love, Love, Love. One of the richest gifts I’ve ever received.

5 years ago 13-year-old Emma’s mom died of cancer, and I stayed with them that difficult year. Now she’s a strong 17-year-old and adopted by a wonderful family. She’s wise beyond her years. She was brought to your concert by her moms old boss Jay, and that night wrote to me giving me the song, and telling me she thought of me, by the song and you, Nerissa.

The song’s words and passion for life were the best gift. And I love your voices and original harmonies. Emma and I know all the words and sing together with you guys.



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